Own It!



Okay, true confessions. I’m not smiling here! I went to the dentist a couple of days earlier and he did wonders! I’m simply not smiling because I am contemplating my responsibilities as a trainer. I’m in a conundrum. You see, people come to me and want me to make that heavy skin covering their triceps vanish, cure their back fat, give them a perkier bum, all within about five weeks, so they can be the belle of the ball at their niece’s wedding.

I can’t do it. That is why I have a sad face here. I can no longer be responsible for my client’s success. I can be a positive enabler. I can be a motivator. I can be a well of knowledge of exercise technique, what would best serve you, and what kinds of great foods to eat and where to find them. But in five weeks, I cannot remove years of neglect by myself. I need your help!

Right now, I am helping someone make their water commitment more interesting (by incorporating some sugar free coconut water into the mix). I am helping someone stay motivated to continue to lose many many pounds, by making her food choices interesting. I am doing what I can, and with that client’s help, that goal will be achieved, and perhaps it will be life changing (for both of us) if we can make her food choices a way of life.

Other clients who see me, rarely exercise on their own, and so our two hours together, though intense, can be somewhat inadequate in the big picture. My goal is to slip something in to my clients’ daily routines, that will somehow, magically and very organically happen, so that exercise becomes a way of life. If you can’t get on the elliptical (because of a fresh load of laundry hanging on it, or it shares space with the empty wine bottles) for twenty minutes, get on for five. Don’t run, don’t do HIIT or tabata or anything. Just get to the damn thing, plug it in and see what happens. Maybe tomorrow you’ll turn it on.

Maybe you will find your own rhythm for how to move in your day. Maybe you’ll have to put your phone on the counter and shelve the latest exercise apps and tunes and videos and headset wires and all of that distracting stuff, and just close your eyes for a minute and feel your body move. Maybe you will find your own way of taking care of your body. Maybe you will find your own way in to that huge viney overgrown forest of exercise information. Maybe you will own your success!

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