Client Endorsements

“Andrew is an engaging and motivating trainer. Initially I was interested in improving my upper body strength. However, Andrew developed programs for me that also helped improve legs, glutes and shoulders.
He is conscientious about injuries, my likes and dislikes, and he showed expertise at designing programs that I actually enjoy doing. He has set me up with two 30 minute routines that I alternate.
Andrew has been my trainer, motivator and confidante. He is fun, encouraging, reliable and skilled – a true delight to train with!”
“If I can have an ass like yours, I’ll do it!”
 “You’ve got to be kidding!”
“F**k off!”
“You should put MT after your name: Master of Torture.”
 Me: It’s called a circuit b**ch!
Client: I don’t want to do any more f**king circuits!
And the winner is…drum roll please:
“I feel much straighter.”
…and a very close second, another drum roll please:
“I like this exercise, it doesn’t hurt my sphincter.”