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Welcome to The Movable Beast, a BIPOC and LGBTQ positive place! You’ve arrived here through space and at that particular time in your life where motivation has waned and there doesn’t seem to be much fun on the horizon if you can’t get your mojo (and your libido) back. Hello? Sixty is the new twenty if you didn’t get the memo. You want to burst into this new phase of life head first and you deserve to feel healthy, stress-free and sexy.

Yes there have been challenges along the way. Health issues. Certain setbacks that left you wondering “is that all there is?” In the past decades I have seen my share of worries from Sarcoidosis, to shingles, a hernia, ulcers serious enough to cause me to faint at a Christmas party of all places, along with having a probey thing shoved from my inner thigh up an artery to my heart so I could see the inside of my ticker on a tv screen, and another thing into my windpipe and down my throat and into my lymph nodes, not to mention the obligatory thing up my bum to check my prostate and colon. Hey! We got to do this!

I passed out in the hospital toilet, only with time to be able to tell my partner to take care of my dog (the one in the picture) and to have a good life–without me. A short goodbye. I honestly thought it was curtains. I remember the doctor telling me they’d see whether “it” was benign or malignant. I remember the shade of white on his office wall, so well, as I told him what I really needed was a good therapist to help me through it. I remember feeling like I was now on a journey all my own, leaving everyone behind at the station.

Okay, I’ve come clean! These things all left me feeling depleted, as well as really really grateful. I was always an exerciser, a dancer, a swimmer, a skater, and believe me, during the recent challenging times, movement that I loved so much, and healthy eating were the last things on my mind. I guiltlessly sat on the sofa and did not a heck of a lot of anything for many weeks. Sex? Not even with myself. And I have always loved sex. Heck I didn’t even want a glass of wine! Something was terribly wrong. But I’ve come back and know that, despite the setbacks, it is great to have a helping hand, no pun intended.

You’ll notice a lot of pics of me on FB and IG shirtless and I suppose at this age I am tossing the shame aside and saying what the fuck! I’ve grown into loving my body, I do exist from the neck down, I am spirit soul and body all mixed into one, no denial and fuck the shame. Sometimes we need a little understanding, a little wisdom, a little educated guidance, a little appreciation.

From what my clients tell me, I really believe I can help…


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