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Welcome to The Movable Beast, made to measure personal training for you by me, Andrew Binks! I am a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and Yogafit, Aquafit and Indoor Cycling certified instructor (all quite reputable, thank you very much).

I am also a certified holistic nutritionist (CHN). My philosophy is that you feel healthy, regardless of what others tell you that means. I am here to help you achieve some physical and perhaps even emotional and mental well-being through your relationship to your body, and what you put into your body. Our relationship to food, like our relationship to exercise can be complicated, yet easily simplified; if we can exercise mindfully, we can eat mindfully too, nourishing ourselves in so many ways.

My early years were spent as a figure skater and a competitive swimmer. But my background is in the Arts. I was trained as a professional dancer with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and as an actor, in London at LAMDA and then performed across Canada including two seasons with the Stratford Festival, and a cross-country tour of a one-man play. I have appeared in both film and TV. Because of my extensive training, I have been exposed to wonderful mind-body work through the Alexander Technique, Laban and other movement philosophies. As a result I am super strict about technique and form. It is technique that will garner the results you want, much more than bench pressing 290lbs, believe me. I am also about economy of time; I devise workouts so that you are in and out of the gym, no time to chat, rests are used to exercise complementary muscle groups, and above all you don’t get injured (a great excuse to avoid exercising).

I am also a novelist, writer and exercise blogger, here on my own site, as well as through the trainerize site. I share recipes and workouts on Facebook and Instagram.

Exercise is your bubble of time to focus on your work, your connection to your body. Just as a yogi would sit in silence and focus on breath, I encourage your focus on movement and sensation. You will eventually head out into the world head held high, chest up, ready to say “here I am in all my perfection, get over it.”

You are fit or want to get fit and you want to do it on your own terms, in or out of a gym, on your own turf and on your own schedule. From what my clients tell me, I really believe I can help…

And if you are somewhere distant, then check out the Online Training page!

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