Welcome to The Movable Beast, a BIPOC and LGBTQ and body positive place! You got your wake up call! You’re wife, husband, doctor have read you the riot act. It is time to get back on track. If not now, when? Hello? Sixty is the new twenty if you didn’t get the memo. You want to burst into this new phase of life head on and you deserve to feel healthy, stress-free and sexy. Let me put it this way, it really is now or never. Or will it just be that week leading up to a tropical vacation when you try to drop a stone, kill a kilo, or exhale a number of pounds? Get real! You have surrounded yourself with the best things in life and yet you can’t really enjoy them––your family, your hobbies, your sex life(?)––because you forgot to take care of yourself along the way.

Yes there have been challenges. Health issues. Certain setbacks that left you wondering “is that all there is?” In the past decades I have seen my share of worries and know that life is not a walk in the park if you can’t stop and smell the roses. I’ve seen my ticker on a TV screen. Had probes shoved in and out, up and down. Had the energy drained out of me. But as a life-long mover I knew I wanted it back, and now I’m here and feeling great and I’m sixty-three! Hey! We got to do this! It’s a partnership: you commit and show up and I make sure you get real results.

Sometimes we need some understanding, some wisdom, some educated guidance, and a whole lot of appreciation.

From what my clients tell me, I really believe I can help…


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