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Welcome to The Movable Beast, made to measure personal training for you by me, Andrew Binks! You deserve a knowledgeable down to earth certified personal trainer, and nutritionist. You deserve to feel healthy, sexy, and achieve your physical and wellness goals. You deserve a positive relationship to your body and your time here on planet Earth.

I am over sixty and a strong believer that life and libido does not end anytime soon. You have a body from head to toe, and you deserve to enjoy every square inch of it. My background is in sports that required a strong measure of individual discipline, as a swimmer, and figure skater and eventually as a classically trained dancer. I moved into the performing arts where body awareness, breath and physical awareness were all crucial. I blog here on my own site about technique, form and above all the truth. I follow peer reviewed journals and studies to provide the most efficient, safe and result oriented eating and exercise plans for you.

I know what it’s like to have my shorts pop open at the waist. Been there, with the ever expanding middle, and I have been able to reverse the uncomfortable process with no pain whatsoever, just a little self knowledge and understanding of my own habits.

You are fit or want to get fit and you want to do it on your own terms, in or out of a gym, on your own turf and on your own schedule, with food you like to eat and exercises you like to do. I am here from the planet mirth to tell you it is indeed possible! From what my clients tell me, I really believe I can help…

Please check out my Online Training page and drop me a line!

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