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(September is here! Let’s give it a kick start!)

If you are new to exercise, intimated by gyms, overwhelmed by the information on the internet, feeling a little frumpy and totally unmotivated and a little put off by the whole exercise and healthy eating thing, you might find online coaching, including nutrition tips, and a community of like minded people offering motivation and support, a valuable component to attaining your fitness and wellness goals. (I think I just wrote the longest sentence in the world.) You want some common sense answers when it comes to exercising and eating. You want a certified personal trainer who has filtered out the flood of b*llsh*t programs, and you want a holistic nutritionist who questions the latest fads (and is not trying to sell you a powdered drink) to rely on for the straight goods. You want someone who has been through the same flood of confusion and come out the other side, resources intact, and a little wiser.

(hamming it up at a recent fitness conference)

You have spent a good deal of your life caring for the well-being of others, perhaps as a mom or a caregiver. And now your charges, or children or patients or clients have moved on, and there you are, wondering if menopause is about to pounce, or maybe it did and you were to busy and stressed to notice… until now.

Perhaps you’re wondering if you get a second chance, another kick at the can, and if so, why bother. Perhaps you are wondering if you can afford to buy organic, eat mung bean and kale salad without gagging, and do a sit up while watching your favourite Netflix series.

All I can say is that the whole thing is not that far fetched. You can afford the time and money to eat healthfully. You can integrate exercise into your routine, and believe it or not you can even lose weight. NOT ONLY THAT, you can deal with some “target issues” (ie “back fat,” “cottage cheese arms,” “flat booty”) .

As a former dancer I am all about keeping you fit as you age (yikes! The A word), and I am proof that it can be done. I learned early on, as a young dancer, that injuries suck. As a result I have spent years studying and learning good form.


My favourite butt exercises: The Bulgarian split squat! The frog. The leg raise. You’ll feel the burn! You’ll see the results!

I also ate very poorly as a dancer, despite the fact that my mom had set a darn good example and plied us with whole foods. (Dessert was often a “banana in a dish with milk and sugar on it.” A little sugar.) We were lucky enough to have bowls of fresh fruit and yucky green vegetables even in the depths of winter. When I set out on my own to set the dance world on its tush, it was a different story. Back in the day nutrition was a pretty grey area. But I’ll be posting recommendations and recipes as well as tips (economic and time saving).

So there you have it; you and I share a lot in common. We are trying to eat and exercise while maintaining busy work and personal lives, and believe me, it is a challenge to stay healthy, eat healthily and economically, and find “me” time in all of that.

For less than the price of a cell phone bill (in Canada anyway) you can join:

The Wellness Tribe

You likely know that exercise and healthy whole foods can:

  • alleviate the blues
  • give you energy
  • help you sleep better
  • make you feel like a goddess at the beach on your winter vacation

and with the accountability of an online community for you to engage with, it becomes that much more natural and easy.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to see if we’re a good match! Email me at


My favourite core exercise, the twisty plank!

You’ll find a profile questionnaire below (that fabulous video of me on a recent trip to the Caribbean) which you can fill out and submit.

Your participation in the Wellness Tribe includes:

  • a program set-up (3 workouts a week changing monthly, complete with exercise videos, mostly starring me) based on your situation (home or gym).
  • unbiased, sensible and economic nutrition advice with a week’s worth of mix and match meals, changing monthly, based on the time of year and festivities involved
  • bi-weekly email check-ins: mid-week or weekend response to your questions (usually within 72 hours, although I understand more urgent queries), including fine-tuning, and tweaking of your program. I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and will provide nutrition tips that are both healthy and economic for your situation whether you are an omnivore or a vegan.
  • Admission to a private Facebook community, where we share fitness, nutrition and motivational tips

Click here to read what others have to say about my training!

Your workout is delivered through an online platform, the first of every month, which you can access on your smartphone and tablet, or if technology ain’t your thing, I can simply send you a pdf with active YouTube links (or stick-man drawings) to the exercises. Your choice! This is some of what you’ll see on your tablet or cell phone, demos (many with me), and easy ways to contact me regarding your progress:

You must complete and submit the survey for me to be able to invite you onto the site! I’ll send you some forms and waivers to fill out and return and we’re off to the races!

(You don’t have to do fifty push-ups.)

Then I will add your name and email to the platform so you are recognized as my client. You will follow the instructions emailed back to you to set up your account! There’s even an app!

(OR for custom made programs, nutrition plans, and regular Skype sessions you can use the Paypal button at the bottom of the Services Page for program payment by simply clicking and filling in our agreed upon amount.)

Wellness Tribe: After that, to have monthly access to the site and your progressive workouts and my bi-weekly feedback as arranged, as well as access to our private Wellness Tribe Facebook Group subscribe below:

All of the above! Subscribe here for the introductory low rate of (drum roll please):

$49 CA a month! (which includes hst):



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$480/ 12 months



See you on the other side!

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