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“First when there’s nothing but a slow glowing dream…”



Winter is but a memory here in the northern hemisphere. Longer days are upon us. Let’s get some direction and hit the ground running! If you are like me you’ve been struggling with motivation, trying to maintain an exercise program, but possibly eating and drinking too much because of the new routine or lack of one.

If you want:

  • to get that motivation back up and running
  • want to be part of a like minded and select community
  • looking for some guidance in terms of exercise, whether at home, the gym, are seasoned or new to it all
  • would like to be trained by a empathic body-conscious qualified trainer and nutritionist
  • want efficient, practical, realistic and successful outcomes, of health, beauty and well-being and a bonus boost in your libido


  • just need a good old fashioned kick in the pants


you are definitely in the right place! Whether you chatted with me on the street, someone recommended me, you saw a link through Instagram or Facebook, you are in the right place!


My clients:

  • use weights, bands, or just their bodies (and maybe a tea towel or two)
  • work out at home
  • work out at the gym
  • work out in their hotel rooms
  • eat yummy food, do not feel deprived and have gained control over their weight

You CAN have it all!

Let’s start dreaming about that next holiday, when we can venture out again:

Bikini body (“every body is a bikini body, just wear a bikini!”) and have a booty in time for the hot tub!

As a former dancer I am all about careful technique. (Speaking of kick in the ass, here is my favourite glute exercise, a game changer):


(the Bulgarian Split Squat; You’ll feel the burn! You’ll see the results!

Add to this my nutrition support and a real world based eating plan, from omnivore to vegan. That one with the fruit is topped with my homemade vegan yogurt by the way!

You likely know that regular exercise and healthy whole foods can:

  • help you lose that phantom gut that will haunt you when shorts weather arrives
  • alleviate the blues, reduce stress
  • increase libido
  • give you energy
  • help you sleep better
  • make you feel amazing in your skin

If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact me to see if we’re a good match! Email me at themovablebeast(at)gmail(dot)com


My favourite core exercise, the twisty plank!

You’ll find a profile questionnaire (below that fabulous video of me on a recent trip to the Caribbean) which you can fill out and submit.

Your participation with me includes:

  • free access to my app where you can record your daily efforts and link up to various nutrition apps
  • a supportive and select private community of like minded individuals
  • a twelve week program (after which you are welcome to continue) to get you on the road to weight-loss, strength gain and muscle growth
  • access to a growing number (200 as of now) of exercise videos, mostly starring me, based on your situation (home or gym/ TRX/ bands/ freeweights), brief, to the point, technical guidance
  • unbiased, sensible and satisfying nutrition advice and support based on your lifestyle, a co-produced eating plan that will work whether you are an emotional eater or just need some good food guidelines
  • weekly email check-ins, video call support, and follow ups to keep you moving forward

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Over 200 videos starring me, delivered to your inbox!


For your convenience and for me to get to know a little bit more about you, please complete and submit the survey below. (Or just email me with your questions themovablebeast(at)gmail(dot)com)

(You don’t have to do fifty push-ups.)

This is a personalized program. You will be receiving my personal support throughout.


What a feeling!” –– (Flashdance)


See you on the other side!


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