Online Personalized Training

Whether you are new to exercise or a seasoned gym rat in a rut, you might find online coaching, motivation and support is a valuable and economic component to attaining your fitness and wellness goals.

Beginners: If you aren’t familiar with weights, gyms and the positive benefits that exercise and resistance training can bring, online training can help bridge the gap by bringing you into a new gym environment, with a sense of purpose, know-how and confidence.

Irregular regulars: You are committed, perhaps have plateau’d, desire a personalized program, wish to create your own flexible schedule. You want to change things up but time is at a premium, better to have the Movable Beast create something for you based on your preferences, goals and abilities.

“Online training is a cost effective way for you to receive personalized attention and professional feedback while working out at a facility of your choice, or in the comfort of your home.”

What you see on your tablet or phone when you workout (demo plus the workout)


Please book an initial consulotation so we can see if we’re a good match! Email me at

I have created a profile questionnaire below (that fabulous picture of me on a recent trip to the Caribbean) which you can fill out and submit.

My services for online training include a personalized program set-up (complete with exercise videos, mostly starring me) based on your stats, goals and time preferences/commitments; email check-in; fine-tuning; Skype if you prefer; and your questions and comments submitted weekly. As a bonus, I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist designation and will provide nutrition tips that are both healthy and economic for your situation, if you wish. For more extensive nutrition programs, please inquire.

You should know that I do not endorse cookie cutter workouts and I am not a salesman as much as I am a personal trainer, so I am not looking to sign up five million clients before midnight (the exception is when I am promoting a specific group “camp” –– ie. Arms and The Man; “tris and thighs”; etc). Since your situation is unique in terms of your needs and facilities (gym/ home/ both), once we have connected we can discuss a program that works for both of us. Keep in mind the convenience factor, personalization, specificity, and not having to pay for a personal trainer to be with you at the gym.

Your workout is delivered through the online platform “trainerize” (link below) which you can access on your smartphone and tablet, or if technology ain’t your thing, I can simply send you a pdf with active YouTube links (or cave man drawings) to the exercises. Your choice!

You must complete and submit the survey for me to be able to invite you onto the trainerize site!


Then I will add your name and email to Trainerize, so you are recognized as my client. You will follow the instructions emailed back to you to set up your free account! Paypal payment options are highlighted below, or you can simply do an e-transfer for the agreed upon amount.

Each of us is unique with exercise needs and preferences; everyone has a different long-term attention span, both mentally and physically. (And six months down the road you don’t want to find you have been paying for something you never used. Been there, hated that.) I cannot dedicate quality time to billions of subscribers; I prefer quality communication with a dedicated few. It is a joint journey. It is our journey.

You can use the Paypal button at the bottom of the Services Page for program payment by simply clicking and filling in our agreed upon amount.

After that, to have monthly access to the Trainerize site and your workouts and the option for my weekly feedback as arranged, you will need to subscribe here for $50 CA a month: