Online Personalized Training

Breaking News: Consultation fee temporarily waived, because we are all doing our best to stay sane and need a little recognition for that!

“First when there’s nothing but a slow glowing dream…”



Winter is here! Festivities are upon us. Let’s make some resolutions, some decisions, some changes in direction, some realignments and choices!

Okay, just so you don’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the expense here it is! Consultation FREE !!!! / Program creation based on consultation $50-$100 CDN/ after that $25 monthly for use of app and nutrition advice plus exercise tweaks and advice from me (by subscription link at bottom of this page). I usually recommend a six week program plan, by then you understand the mind body connection and your body will want new stimulation.

If you are:

  • at least as old as me and feeling like your ship has sailed but could return with flags flying
  • intimidated by the current situation and would prefer to exercise at home with or without weights
  • overwhelmed by the BS, I mean “information” on the internet


  • need a kick in the ass
  • are someone who would like to be trained by a body-curious guy who keeps up to date on the latest peer reviewed scientific information in his quest to find the most efficient, practical, realistic and successful outcomes
  • ready to take your hard earned physique to the next level
  • like comfort food
IMG_7815 (a vegan pizza made by yours truly)

you might find my online coaching, including nutrition tips, and a coach (me) who offers motivation and support, a valuable component to attaining your fitness and wellness goals. (I think I just wrote the longest sentence in the world.)

If you want:

  • some common sense answers when it comes to exercising and eating 
  • a certified personal trainer who has filtered out the flood of one-size-fits-all programs
  • a certified holistic nutritionist (who questions all the latest fads with his healthy skepticism) to rely on for the straight goods
  • someone who has been through the same flood of confusion and come out the other side, resources intact, a little wiser and fitter

you are definitely in the right place! Whether you chatted with me on the street, someone recommended me, you saw an ad or a link, you are in the right place!

(hamming it up at a recent fitness conference)

My clients:

  • work out at home
  • work out at the gym
  • work out in their hotel rooms
  • eat healthy food without breaking the bank

You can have it all!

Men! t-shirt muscles for that physically distanced getaway. Truly never too late!

Women! Bikini body (every body is a bikini body, just wear a bikini!) and booty in time for the hot tub!

As a former dancer I am all about careful technique. Here are a few of my favourite glute exercises:


(My favourite butt exercises are the Bulgarian Split Squat, the Frog, the Leg Raise. You’ll feel the burn! You’ll see the results! Go on. Try the middle one right now. Keep your core strong. I dare you.)

Add to this my nutrition recommendations––recipes as well as tips (economic and time saving).

You likely know that exercise and healthy whole foods can:

  • alleviate the blues
  • give you energy
  • help you sleep better
  • make you feel like a god or goddess in your skin

If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me to see if we’re a good match! I won’t do a sales pitch; I believe it is about finding a good match for both of us, to help you achieve your goals. Email me at


My favourite core exercise, the twisty plank!

You’ll find a profile questionnaire (below that fabulous video of me on a recent trip to the Caribbean) which you can fill out and submit.

Your participation with me includes:

  • free access to the Trainerize app
  • a program set-up (some like 3-5 workouts a week changing monthly), complete with exercise videos, mostly starring me, based on your situation (home or gym).
  • unbiased, sensible and economic nutrition advice based on your pantry, fridge, time, pocketbook and palate
  • email check-ins: mid-week or weekend response to your questions (usually within 72 hours, although I understand more urgent queries), including fine-tuning, and tweaking of your program. I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and will provide nutrition tips that are both healthy and economic for your situation whether you are an omnivore or a vegan.

But how much$$$$, you ask?

Typically my most current and most popular program is as follows:

  1. A Consultation $50 CDN (waived)
  2. Create your customized exercise program, around $100 CDN
  3. Exercise and nutrition tweaks and ongoing support from me $25 CDN

So once you are set up with your consultation and customized program you are paying $25 a month (likely less than your cell phone bill) until you need to revamp your program (ie not tweak, but completely new, usually six weeks at a time, but entirely up to you).

In case you’re wondering:

It’s a damn good deal!

Click here to read what others have to say about my training!

Over 200 videos starring me, whether you have weights, bands, dumbbells, TRX or soup cans!


Your personalized workout is delivered through an app, which you can access on your smartphone and tablet or if technology ain’t your thing, I can simply send you a pdf with active YouTube links (or stick-man drawings) to the exercises. Your choice! This is some of what you’ll see on your tablet or cell phone, brief demos (many with me), with voice over cues.

For your convenience and for me to get to know a little bit more about you, please complete and submit the survey below. Once we have talked and if you decide the program will work for you then I’ll send you some forms and waivers to fill out and return and we’re off to the races! (Or just email me with your questions

(You don’t have to do fifty push-ups.)

After our consultation, I will add your name and email to the platform (App) so you are recognized as my client. You will follow the instructions emailed back to you to set up your account!

This is a personalized program for select clients–not a template that 50 other clients are doing. You will be receiving my personal support throughout.


What a feeling!” –– (Flashdance)


See you on the other side!

Once you are set up you will subscribe for the monthly fee of $25 CAD here:


You can check the Trainerize platform here: