“Andrew has helped me get back into shape since Covid started and I have been unable to go to my gym. He is a very good listener and understood my needs and came up with a varied and fun, yet challenging, program that was tailor made for me. His program incorporated the weights and equipment I already had and he suggested a few other pieces of equipment which I have since bought and have been very effective. I am able to contact him with any questions I have and he is always quick to get back to me. He also has a great sense of humour. So I am very happy that I decided to work with Andrew and may now never go back to the gym!”

–– Gillian D.

“In 2012 I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic––went to the GP yesterday and I am no longer in that category! This is probably due to all our exercising! Thanks!”

–– A.B.

“I’ve been working out with Andrew for over 2 years – he’s been terrific! He’s extremely knowledgeable and creative and knows how to build varied and effective workouts. He’s clearly passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, yet he keeps it real. He understands that things get in the way and helps me work around it. He works with my goals yet inspires me to go further. I genuinely enjoy our workouts, we can talk and laugh and still work hard. Finally, I get results, and that feels great!”
–– C. F.

“I have been training with Andrew for over 3 years now and I am pleased with the results! I am swimmer and wanted a trainer that would adapt to my needs. My goals were to increase my strength for the various strokes, improve my times and look good 😉 Mission accomplished! Every session with Andrew is a mixture of hard work, sweat and laughter. He is really open to your needs and easy to talk with. Andrew’s approach is realistic and will make you feel good.”
— Marie Elaine

“Andrew is an awesome PT:   very knowledgeable, truly caring, very personable and above all, absolutley dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.  He’s a friendly conversationalist with a great sense of humour.  Every workout is challenging but also fun.  I have to say that I always feel better after doing a workout with Andrew, no matter how tired I might have been beforehand. And bonus, I often have a new recipe to try!  I can now do pushups, both the “girl” kind and the “real ones, and I can make bread.  Of course, not at the same time. He ensures that my form is always correct to get the most out of the exercise and to avoid injury. He is professional in every sense of the word.  He’s  reliable,  punctual, prepared with a session plan and necessary equipment, and sometimes matching socks!”
— J. L.

“Andrew’s knowledge, empathy and compassion have helped me face some difficult times –– he inspires me to try harder. Andrew is able to adapt to meet my physical disability and provide me with a fitness program to strengthen me”
“Andrew’s enthusiasm regarding nutritional changes have inspired me to try some healthy food alternatives. We have fun trying and exchanging new recipes. We can’t thank him enough.”
–– Harley and Angela

“Andrew is an engaging and motivating trainer. Initially I was interested in improving my upper body strength. However, Andrew developed programs for me that also helped improve legs, glutes and shoulders. He is conscientious about injuries, my likes and dislikes, and he showed expertise at designing programs that I actually enjoy doing. He has set me up with two 30 minute routines that I alternate. Andrew has been my trainer, motivator and confidante. He is fun, encouraging, reliable and skilled – a true delight to train with!”
–– Art

Most Notable:

“If I can have an ass like yours, I’ll do it!”
 “You’ve got to be kidding!”
“F**k off!”
“You should put MT after your name: Master of Torture.”
 Me: It’s called a circuit b**ch!
Client: I don’t want to do any more f**king circuits!
And the winner is…drum roll please:
“I feel much straighter.”
…and a very close second, another drum roll please:
“I like this exercise, it doesn’t hurt my sphincter.”
(that’s good!)