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Your initial consultation with me is free. I will ask you lots of questions about your goals and your past history. I will also get you to fill out a Par-Q form that may or may not require you to get your doctor’s go ahead for participating in an exercise program.

Based on our consultation I will then write up a program for you that guides you towards your goals via fun and productive exercises. We can use the program as a blueprint or map towards your goals. And you can use it with me or use it on the days you work out on your own. You may not want to do the same routine every day, so I will keep it challenging and interesting for you.

Like I said, whether you want to drop a dress size, fit into those favourite trousers, run a marathon, carry your own luggage on that world tour, be fit enough to tackle the weeds in your garden (see exercise videos), or just play with your grandchildren, we can make it work. Needless to say the benefits are numerous:

* Lower blood pressure
* Increased muscle mass and bone density
* Better balance and mobility
* Increased libido
* Feeling great!

…and you get to stay at home and create a schedule convenient to you!

Rates for in-home training are as follows for one person (rates for in-gym training will have a gym fee (approx $20/ hr) added to the rate):

A one-off consultation and follow-up personalized exercise program with one hour demo is $100.00

Otherwise the following rates apply (session packages ensure you a permanent weekly training time):

1 session (55 min) $50 + HST
10 sessions $500 + HST
20 sessions $900 + HST

or for groups :

2 people @ $40 + HST per single session                                                                                            2 people @ $35 + HST per person x 10 sessions
4 people @ $25 + HST per person x 10 sessions

Please contact me regarding rates for custom yoga sessions for individuals and groups

* Please note that, within reason, The Movable Beast maintains a 12 hour cancellation policy. I need time to reschedule clients and fill in your cancelled time. So I ask for your co-operation with this. This works out as a win/ win situation for those who cancel and those who need to re-book. Medical emergencies are obviously take into account. When Movable Beast trains at Everfit, Everfit’s cancellation policies apply.

N.B. Rates north of hwy 14, 15, 19 and east of Wellington may be a little more per hour, depending on client demand and further afield –– Hillier, Consecon, Carrying Place, Rossmore, Belleville, Adolphus Reach –– price can be negotiated.


Reaching for Rainbows, an after school initiative for girls in Prince Edward County, is the Movable Beast’s Charity of choice.

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