Consistency over Intensity

I think this three word title sums up a great distraction that bogs us down over and over. (I am all about distraction, the world is full of distraction, we are pummeled with distraction, we are inundated and distracted by distraction.) I am posting this because I think I have come to believe that if we can stay the course in even the most limited way, with the most limiting circumstances, we can continue to move forward.

I think the pandemic has put us all to the test and there is no passing or failing, there has been coping and finding our way through this nightmare while the world continues to turn, friends die and we can’t attend funerals, social issues and problems continue to thrive, and we push on day by day.

I admit I stalled a year ago. Everything changed for me in a matter of days, as it did for all of us. Despite wanting more “me” time I hadn’t counted on creating a whole pandemic to manifest such a goal. I had no inspiration to workout. There was little space int he house, a hallway at best, a living room filled with distractions. I had a car full of exercise equipment that I had been using on my mobile clients, but it seemed to stay in the car. I was uninspired to do an outdoorsy thing, or put something online for the world to use. I kind of caved.

No gym, which I love, and the time of day wasn’t working for me. Would I do something before walking the dog? After? In the late afternoon before dinner? None of it seemed to coincide with energy levels and eating habits. And then there was cocktail hour. No clients to see the next morning so why not put back a couple of glasses of wine? Isn’t that what they do in Europe? On a week night?

I have had the good fortune to be able to create a new workout space at my home, with some privacy, and I have found a time of day. Here’s the thing. I love to write (am published), and had been writing first thing in the morning, then when I had finished a large writing project I was meditating and journaling upon rising, and then working out. The early morning was working for me. Amazing! Still there was a feeling of “crowdedness” and get-this-over-with during my workout time. So recently it’s rise, water (two big glasses), a mug of Lavazza coffee and hit the weights.

It’s hard to imagine doing it when I am just about to drag my ass out of bed at 5:30am but it happens. As I posted earlier this week “Go through the motions until the motions go through you.” So if you can find your own way into working out, it will be yours, no one else’s. It will be challenging with kids or pets or other demands but if you can do something to remind your body that you are here for it, it will finally happen.

(Me at 6am)

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