New Kid on the Block

Hi there, I guess you’ve read all of the introductory material on the other pages, seen the videos, laughed or cried! Hey, I am the new kid on the block here in Prince Edward County. There are several personal trainers here, and all of us have differing specialties, and more importantly, differing personalities. My point is there is lots to choose from and it is important that you choose someone you feel comfortable with, and have confidence in.

As a business person in a fairly competitive market, I believe there is lots to go around for me and my trainer colleagues here in the County. We are all unique, as is the demographic. We have all types, from athletes, to post-partum moms, to retirees, to those who are motivated with little know-how and the know-hows who need a kick in the keester.

As for my part, I’m not a big believer in miracle gimmicks, expensive supplements, and unsustainable make-overs. I’m more a believer in the “boy do I feel great IN MY BODY,” makeover. There is a difference. I believe that the why of working out goes beyond the short term goals. I believe in health, confidence, aesthetics, and feeling great, all nurtured through healthy positive attitudes and practice. That’s the miracle.

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