The Voice of Reason


I spent yesterday at a intensive training for indoor cycling, held by Schwinn, a company respected for its equipment, research and training. Needless to say I returned home pumped full of ideas and dying to try out my newly acquired skills, if only I could remember them…

Anyway I have to say that there is an endless stream of information out there, on the internet, early morning television ads and the endless amounts of information and misinformation you overhear at the gym. I suppose my advice to you is that fitness is not so much about working harder, dieting more, lifting heavier or bringing yourself to the verge of passing out. It is about working smarter, not harder. I honestly believe that you can integrate certain simple principles into your life to help you on the road to achieving your goals. Take a moment. Silent the world. Listen to what it is you genuinely want. Do you want to look a certain way, or do you want to feel a certain way? I believe that good whole fuel is going to make your engine run smoothly and efficiently. And I think you also have to listen to your own voices of truth, not the mass marketing, or the hysteria offered up by those in the gym draped over the equipment relating the latest fad, or their own regimen of pills and powders.

Take a look at yourself, take a listen to yourself! You’d be surprised at how much you already know.

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