Winter Well Spent

I had big plans for a vacation this winter, and they panned out, but not until the last minute and not until well into spring. However the weather here didn’t make me regret my late choice. In the winter, planning and cancellations aside, I was able to broaden my skill-set for my clientele and for my business. I started by getting certified through Schwinn, for indoor cycling. I then took the plunge with the Canadian Aquafit Leaders Alliance to get my Aquafit certification, and no sooner had those gruelling weekends come to an end in Toronto and Ottawa, than I headed back to Toronto to begin my yoga training. I am now certified as an instructor in these new fields and am teaching all courses at our local facility. I also currently incorporate yoga into my personal training.

All of this aside, I want to say that I hope, you, dear reader, no matter what level of fitness you are at, make it your own level! This is your journey, no looking over your shoulder or staring at someone else’s heels. This is about you and your very beautiful body, that moves, breathes, dances (alone naked, if need be), and rejoices in the wonderfulness of movement and feeling good, or better, inside.

So toss those magazine images out, give yourself a pat on the back for taking the first steps. This is your journey and it is you who lives within. Enjoy, let me hear from you. Check out my Facebook page, where, perhaps I can inspire you!

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