I’ve been lucky in my web surfing to have found some remarkable weight training and nutrition sites. Remarkable because I feel they are trustworthy, backed up by peer reviewed studies, and seem more aligned with a middle path, rather than a strong leaning toward an exercise or eating dogma. By middle path I suppose I mean a path that is full of questions, wonder and acknowledges that any research can quickly turn on its gluteus maximus faster than the drop of a dumbbell…

There is a wealth of information out there, and if we can align ourselves with some of the better track records, we can benefit our clients and ourselves. Anyone who has trained with me or watched me train, knows that I tend to incorporate a certain amount of variety into a workout. For my purposes it keeps me and my client from falling into a trap, becoming bored, or lazy.

My experience has been that regardless of our mental state, the muscles will check out if they have become too used to a routine. For myself I was changing things up usually every six weeks, and more recently I find that I don’t stick hard and fast to this rule, mostly because I keep coming across more information on making a workout efficient and effective.

The fallout from all of this is that I’ve been finding favourite exercises for my clients, moves that they “really like,” (or really hate), that have some kind of beneficial outcome. The exercises resonate, and we get that burn, the kind in your abs, glutes, thighs or chest that says you’ve had a good days work.

A couple of sites I come back to are http://bretcontreras.com, and Brad Shoenfeld at http://www.lookgreatnaked.com/blog/ also this guy Jeff has great free videos, http://athleanx.com/ . So there you go, a few guideposts. Don’t be overwhelmed, these are good guys who want to share some great technique with you!

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