Client Endorsements


Recently, I have been asking my clients if I can quote them for my website. Naturally I blog2assure them of confidentiality and anonymity. But I have noticed that it is something trainers and business owners like to have, to back them up, create trustworthiness, promote sales and let prospective clients know what to expect.

So far, my quotes have been confined to the shall-we-say “profane”. One client, from a very literary culture, known for its story telling, its use of language, its writers, singers and poets, likes to tell me to f**k off, usually following a bout of push-ups, or in the midst of some chin ups (yes!). She also tends to use the J***s Chr*st term religiously somewhat unreligiously. When prompted as to whether she was about to die, or simply being expressive, she gasped and said, “go f**k yourself”.

I have another client who tends to weep at the prospect of a butt day, but puppy dog like, will follow my encouragement to get “just a little deeper” in her squat, or hold on for one more bulgarian split squat. “You’ve got to be kidding,” she says, before obediently rising once again into beautifully formed and very effective glute contraction. It’s hard to write “Ohhhhhhh” as a client quote, you understand.

For my own part, and in my defense I have had clients say that they feel stronger, indeed I have watched them get stronger, but usually only after they said that they really felt their abs after the last workout. So the quest continues for client endorsements, in the meantime I won’t force the issue, and will definitely make sure my group is never led into unsafe territory, of too much, too many, too heavy, too soon. I will rely on my f**king sensitive nature and years of experience to continue to make workouts interesting, challenging and even fun, gosh darn it!

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