My Sum Up of Others’ Labours


apr3blogThis is a sum up of the top fifteen fitness articles this week from Personal Trainer Development Site. They found the articles, I just read them to see if any were worth your while. I’ve given a capsule sum-up and recommendations:

General Health

This article breaks some myths regarding core training i) squats and deadlifts won’t cover your core needs, but strengthen back chain ii) not only planks/ side planks are good – include range of motion ab work iii) core strength is not the be all and end all, it is an important part of the whole picture iv) bad posture (pelvis tilted forward) is not necessarily indicative of a weak core.

This article is about how visualization can produce desired results BUT you must visualize according to your current goals (ie don’t visualize a 900lb squat if you are at 135 lbs and only increasing 5 lbs per week). Also you can visualize between sets. I beleive in all this, it helps stay mindful focused and on the road to improvement.

This article is a little all over the place and a little unclear. I get trust your instincts, don’t get swept up in the quick fixes, and when push comes to shove, long walks coupled with the essential large moves (lift/ press/ pull) are really all that you need.

Great motivation piece here about the chasm between couch potato and Olympic athlete. A chasm that we create and can fix, in increments. The human physiology is built for activity. Just because we can’t be the next Olympic athlete, opera diva, ballet star doesn’t mean we have to stop moving, singing or dancing. I recommend reading this article!

This is light and cute acknowledging the health risks of being overweight, while reminding people that it is no one’s place to berate the overweight, and that giving healthful recommendations can be limited to physicians, best friends or family. It’s not an “us against them” issue.

Shoulder problems and how to fix them This is a good piece for weight lifter/ body builders/ resistance trainers with shoulder problems. The causes are a bit physio-speak-ish but the videos for restorative exercises are really clear, brief and helpful.

Strength Training:

This article addresses in adequate range of motion with heavy lifting of deadlift and bench press. For deadlift, it’s all about core strength and for bench press it is about scapula retraction throughout.

A humourous writer writing about the importance of hamstring and glute engagement in a bent over row, in which the lower back likes to take over.

Some great simple butt and core exercises here.

Wall squats facing the wall, to improve your squat and deadlift technique, as long as you don’t have a really long femur (thigh bone) and aren’t built with the height of a pro basket ball player.

Bottoms up These are exercises done with an upsidedown kettlebell, farmer walks with the kb at shoulder height, shoulder press, split squat, reverse lunge. Good quick videos.


I recommend this article as reassurance about food choices, the stress and questioning of carbs.

Well referenced quick read about changing proportions of protein, carb and fat as you age.

A blurb about creatine, although I find I retain water around my middle when I take creatine, it does increase strength. This article has optimum dosage and protocol, all referenced.

Short chain fatty acids available in a healthy eating program. If you eat well, you don’t really need to take time reading this.


Building a bigger back, using a wider grip for bent over row and deadlifts.

Butt work for women. Good exercises, although I like to see the Bulgarian split squat in there

Inspiring reminder of how to think about your training

Like the previous article but for more advanced lifters

Fat Loss:

Managing obesity like a chronic disease a brief and informative article

Benefits of fibre and some motivational affirming food guidance. Easy good read

Benefits of treading water and aqua fit for fat loss and weight maintenance

Great exercise and eating tips for travelers or armchair tourists



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