Some Hits and Misses in the weekly roundup

blog picapr10So here they are, some great guidelines to healthy eating and sensible exercising. I tried to mention the stuff that should be a worthwhile read. Once again these articles are recommended by PTDC.

Some esssentials? Muscle gain happens pretty slowly. Don’t change your diet too drastically to lose weight, or you know, the metabolism slows down. My own advice is to slightly tweak the diet, and perhaps remove things you can do without, you know, maybe add an apple where you would normally scarf down a 3 Musketeers at about 3:30 in the afternoon, and see what happens. Just sayin’

General Health

This article about progressions and pregressions needs a good copy edit. It is a good article for beginners as well as personal trainers, about performing bilateral exercises to get the proper technique and balance and then performing unilateral. And this article seems to be a good companion piece, well written about the first years of being a personal trainer, probably only relevant to trainers.

Good advice for those of us––the over 40 crowd about tweaking our workouts, and excellent workout/ life advice for all.

Reminder that the anterior pelvic tilt can be a bad habit. Cue shoulders back BUT cue also ribs down, it will align the body, glutes etc.

Strength Training and Body Building

Squat technique cues, upper back position, lower back not hyper extended, full belly/ back of oxygen, foot position (outside of heels), traps up first (instead of chest out cue), thinking of the return phase before standing up.

Deadlift Technique, lifting NOT from floor, and making sure lower back is set almost to neutral. 5 Deadlift cues, I like the first one, make your arms long

Some Power Moves, squat jump, dumbbell jump, medicine ball slam, and a reminder to keep the concentric part of a movement quick (to develop power).

How to Get Strong, I’d say this is most applicable for competitors, but if you wnat some food for thought and have time on your hands you can wade through this or skim it.

Building Size, Good and quick read – 10 tips

Two great supported tips for glute recruitment in lunges

Read this Excellent simple basic guideline to adhere to when creating your program/ split routine

A fun pec day exercise with dumbbells and a partner

Interesting article supporting the theory that determining BMI or body fat is next to impossible as is determing who is on the juice and who is a “natty” (natural bodybuilder).

Nutrition and Fat Loss

Some thoughts on carbs, if you don’t already have your own eating sorted out.

Promoting a higher protein consumption for older sector of population

Another Creatine promotion

Fun Little Ditty about the demonization of sugar

Lean to shredded article, but not sure of his qualifications. Humourous read.

More reminders of how to diet without calorie counting and a link to a free fat loss diet

Funny, dispelling the fat wrap craze and I guess a good starting point to dispel all the crazes

Great bodyweight finishers for your workouts (for fatloss)













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