Happy New Year! (On the Exercise Calendar)

blog1Notice how I am wearing a slinky stringer top and how fabulous I look. It’s probably because I am trying to hide my mid-rift that seemed to have expanded (and contracted) from time to time over the summer. I am human!

Summer can be a big challenge. You want to traipse around half naked, divest yourself of cumbersome clothing, doff your duds at the beach and not give a damn who notices. In fact it might even be nice to turn a few heads.

Unfortunately pie (which I make) and beer (which I love) are my two biggest summer enemies! In moderation they can be friends. I was of the thinking that, because of my active lifestyle I could eat and drink to my heart’s content on the weekends, to make up for a week of healthy smoothies, greens at every meal and thoughtfully prepared dinners.

Not so. Pie is good but there is the law of diminishing returns when a slice of pie becomes a half a pie and on and on and the weekend eating begins Friday evening and ends on Sunday night!

I believe in pie and beer, but it is moderation that is key. Beer, is great after some long hours spent in the garden, and pie is fantastic on a hot summer night with the warm breeze wafting through the house as you watch an old Doris Day or James Bond rerun. “Honey, would you like another piece of pie?”

To be honest, pie and beer aren’t that cruel; we have September to make amends, to make a new start, and to actually make a difference!

September is one of the busiest times in the world of fitness as we get re-calibrated to start new jobs, new studies and new directions. One of the easiest and most rewarding commitments we can make, that lets us have control, is the commitment towards wellness.

While getting to a gym may be all but impossible to add to a list of things like the prevailing work ethic, rush hour traffic and the cost of living, having your wellness come to you is an option. A realistic goal for September might be to lose 10 pounds by thanksgiving. And why not!

Right now the fields are being harvested with the freshest of produce. You can make pumpkin pie your pie in the sky reward by Thanksgiving for eating a healthy whole foods diet, while exercising on your own, at home. It is that simple! Just check out the online training page and see if a community of like minded folks (the 40-60 year old crowd) is your thing.

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