Fabulize your Food


I am so excited. I bought this groovy pan from Canadian Tire for half off and it has been SO USEFUL! My friends down the road had us over for a dinner party and they had the neatest grill marks on their food, vegetables and tofu (they are vegans). I think they have the Cadillac version of the pan since I balked at the price when I found theirs. But mine is a charm:

  • nothing sticks to it
  • everything cooks evenly
  • everything gets groovy grill marks on it
  • it looks like I have been labouring over a hot barbecue

I am totally recommending this gizmo for your kitchen. You can start having guests over again and offering things like grilled red peppers (an excellent source of vitamin c), grilled asparagus (fun to see how quickly it makes your pee smell, and a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals AND protein), and if you’re a vegetarian you can get nifty grill marks on your tofu that you have gently sautéed in sesame oil, or sprinkled with some smoked paprika powder.

You will amaze yourself! No more scraping burned whatever off of your grandma’s old iron frying pan the next morning because you had to soak it overnight in nitro glycerine to revive it.

Above all it is an excellent way to start integrating some fresh veggies back into your diet, with little heartache, no disasters, minimal time commitment and a whole lot of   yummy flavour from the natural sweet taste of grilled veggies.

Trust me, if I can do it anyone can!

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