Vanity thy name is…

So here I am in a photo, of me, that I took. An innocent selfie, but I do have to turn the camera phone thing around to make sure I got it just right, camera overhead so the sagging bits seem firm…

Anyway it’s Monday and I am counting on all of you to drag your asses out of that cozy bed and dive into your day. In a few hours you’ll be saying, what was all the fuss about?

To be honest my weekdays and weekends are so different that there is definitely a changing of gears usually happening around now as I write this. The weekdays are spent with clients talking about everything from exercise technique to the latest political disaster to the definitive Mexican bean casserole recipe. My weekdays are far more solitary, and, I believe rejuvenating, so that I have the energy to go back into the world. I eat lots, try to sleep well and get outdoors.

I can’t offer any wisdom for a Monday morning other than to say you are not alone. I am looking forward to that first cuppa’. And I am visualizing that first press or pull or push that I’ll do when I get to the gym. When I have the luxury of time I try to visualize the order of my workout, as well as the look and feel. I carry this into the gym with me to use between sets, when I am resting–a little mini closed eyes visualization of how my next set will go, will feel.

There will be time enough for talk, when I am with my clients, checking form and giving a wee bit of motivation, but for my own workout, it is focus time, on me, the guy in the picture!

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