If I Can Make Muffins…

Okay so the picture is the muffins before they baked. As you can see from previous posts I have no qualms about eating carbohydrates. Almost every weekend I make a batch of muffins which are more or less gone by Monday morning. My muffins are healthy and tasty and cheap to make.

But the point is that I am advocating whole food for your engine. You don’t need a diet if you are eating good whole food. If you are eating a diet of cookies and ice cream before you go to bed, then you likely know the outcome or are pretending not to know the outcome.

When I make my muffins I don’t use a recipe but I make sure that the dry ingredients kind of override the wet ones by about hmm, well two cups of dry to one and half liquid. So, I use my whole spelt flour, or oat flour or combination, add some baking soda and baking powder and a bit of salt — that’s it for dry unless you want to throw in some hemp flour, quinoa flour, the possibilities are absolutely endless!

For wet I use any kind of milk type thing, soy, almond, cow if you want. I add some oil and sometimes apple sauce and maybe a handful of frozen berries that I have thawed.

I mix it all together and then into a preheated oven at 350 for 20-30 minutes and voila!

So anyway, muffins are carbs, yes and carbs are fuel. Healthy whole grains are great for your gut health, fibre? Hello. Protein, yes and healthy fat from the oil you used. You will never find me promoting a “diet” per se. If you are on some kind of deprivation way of eating with lots of unrecognizable stuff going into your cake hole, mystery drinks and health bars that plug you up, I would recommend getting some whole foods in there too–a banana instead of a three musketeers? An apple instead of a kit-kat or Mars Bar.

Food is good. Good food is great!

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