The Sum-up of the Lowdown

apr24blogI am a big proponent of the chin-up pull up for developing upper body strength, as my clients––both female and male––know. This is a great article, especially the progressions at the end, and lots of short videos. It is a LONG article, but there are many useful exercises to help develop core and upper body strength before executing the move. Also it is written by a Canadian female trainer who knows her stuff. I might have added one of my favourite strength developing moves, in which clients, with some isometric strength, can step off a bench, while in chin up position, and then lower themselves to the floor.While on the subject of pull-ups this article includes some fun variations.You have to watch the third video, an absolute hoot!

For glutes this article has some new ways to refine your technique, but I caution against being intimidated by the middle section of this piece subtitled Analyze. The videos following are helpful. As my clients know I LOVE the Bulgarian split squat, followed by some healthy sets of sumo deadlifts. Great glute article here, I will definitely be using some of these this week!

Lots of info for shoulder weary folks here, from advice on serratus anterior warmup, to IMG_4661proper bench press technique, to complimentary exercises (I like to do as supersets). The last bit on upright rows is great, and answers some perpetual questions.

I think that’s enough food for thought for this week. Remember to drink lots of water. I try to have a big glass as soon as I walk in the door, to help cut down on stuffing my face with nuts and curds. So water first, then eat! Cheers!


Published by: Andrew Binks

I am a writer living in rural Ontario, 2 hours east of Toronto. I was born and raised in Ottawa but spent the last 15 years in BC. Glad to be back. My first novel, The Summer Between, was published in 2009 by Nightwood Editions. My website is My fiction and non-fiction have been published in Joyland, Galleon, Fugue, Prism International, Harrington Gay Men's Literary Quarterly (U.S.), Bent-magazine, The Globe and Mail, and Xtra, among others. I am a past honorable mention of the Writer's Union of Canada's short prose contest, Glimmertrain’s Family Matters contest, finalist in the Queen's University Alumni Review poetry contest, and This Magazine’s “Great Canadian Literary Hunt.” My poetry has also appeared in Quill's “Lust” issue and Velvet Avalanche Anthology. Harvard Square Editions will be publishing a chapter from one of my novels in their upcoming anthology "A Voice from the Planet," this fall. My satirical play, Reconciliation, about Native land claims, Japanese internment, and political corruption, was read this spring in Toronto as part of the Foundry play-reading series. My play Pink Blood received a public reading, from Screaming Weenie Productions in Vancouver this June. I spoke at the AWP conference in New York City in 2008 on the merits and challenges of multi-genre writing programs.

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