The Sum-up of the Lowdown

apr24blogI am a big proponent of the chin-up pull up for developing upper body strength, as my clients––both female and male––know. This is a great article, especially the progressions at the end, and lots of short videos. It is a LONG article, but there are many useful exercises to help develop core and upper body strength before executing the move. Also it is written by a Canadian female trainer who knows her stuff. I might have added one of my favourite strength developing moves, in which clients, with some isometric strength, can step off a bench, while in chin up position, and then lower themselves to the floor.While on the subject of pull-ups this article includes some fun variations.You have to watch the third video, an absolute hoot!

For glutes this article has some new ways to refine your technique, but I caution against being intimidated by the middle section of this piece subtitled Analyze. The videos following are helpful. As my clients know I LOVE the Bulgarian split squat, followed by some healthy sets of sumo deadlifts. Great glute article here, I will definitely be using some of these this week!

Lots of info for shoulder weary folks here, from advice on serratus anterior warmup, to IMG_4661proper bench press technique, to complimentary exercises (I like to do as supersets). The last bit on upright rows is great, and answers some perpetual questions.

I think that’s enough food for thought for this week. Remember to drink lots of water. I try to have a big glass as soon as I walk in the door, to help cut down on stuffing my face with nuts and curds. So water first, then eat! Cheers!


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